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20+ Javascript Resources for High School Students

20+ Javascript Resources

20+ Javascript Resources

What’s the Output – Javascript Lesson Activity (Only $4.00!!!) available at my TeachersPayTeachers store. Excellent addition to your Javascript unit!

20+ Javascript resources to use with high school students. Here are just a few of the Javascript resources I have used with my Programming students:

  1. Great tutorial and higher level exercises:
  2. Book, “Eloquent JavaScript”:
  3. JavaScript Guide (Mozilla Developer Network):
  4. W3Schools Javascript Tutorial:
  5. JavaScript Examples:
  6. JavaScript 101 (slides w/resources, some broken links):
  7. Javascript for Beginners:
  8. Introduction to JavaScript:
  9. Crunchzilla: Code Maven–
  10. Crunchzilla: Game Maven–
  11. SOLO Learn Javascript Tutorial (and App!)–
  12. App Lab–
  13. Khanacademy JS: Intro to Drawing and Animation–
  14. Khanacademy JS: Games and Simuations–
  15. Khanacademy JS: Advanced Simuations–
  16. Udacity: Free online courses–
  17. HTML Goodies: Javascript Primers–
  18. O’Reilly Suggestions for JS Resources:
  19. CodeCombat–
  20. CodeMonkey–
  21. Coding Ground–
  22. JSFiddle–

Resources that cost money $$:

  1. JavaScript Road Trip $$ (parts of this used to be free, looks like you can get a 10-day trial)–
  2. Codecademy (not sure of cost now??)–
  3. Javascript for Kids (book $$)–
  4. Kids Coding Udemy course $$–

Mobile Apps:

  1. Grasshopper–

What resources do you use with your students? Comment below!

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