20+ Javascript Resources for High School Students

20+ Javascript Resources

20+ Javascript Resources

What’s the Output – Javascript Lesson Activity (Only $4.00!!!) available at my TeachersPayTeachers store. Excellent addition to your Javascript unit!

20+ Javascript resources to use with high school students. Here are just a few of the Javascript resources I have used with my Programming students:

  1. Great tutorial and higher level exercises:
  2. Book, “Eloquent JavaScript”:
  3. JavaScript Guide (Mozilla Developer Network):
  4. W3Schools Javascript Tutorial:
  5. JavaScript Examples:
  6. JavaScript 101 (slides w/resources, some broken links):
  7. Javascript for Beginners:
  8. Introduction to JavaScript:
  9. Crunchzilla: Code Maven–
  10. Crunchzilla: Game Maven–
  11. SOLO Learn Javascript Tutorial (and App!)–
  12. App Lab–
  13. Khanacademy JS: Intro to Drawing and Animation–
  14. Khanacademy JS: Games and Simuations–
  15. Khanacademy JS: Advanced Simuations–
  16. Udacity: Free online courses–
  17. HTML Goodies: Javascript Primers–
  18. O’Reilly Suggestions for JS Resources:
  19. CodeCombat–
  20. CodeMonkey–
  21. Coding Ground–
  22. JSFiddle–

Resources that cost money $$:

  1. JavaScript Road Trip $$ (parts of this used to be free, looks like you can get a 10-day trial)–
  2. Codecademy (not sure of cost now??)–
  3. Javascript for Kids (book $$)–
  4. Kids Coding Udemy course $$–

Mobile Apps:

  1. Grasshopper–

What resources do you use with your students? Comment below!

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Top 10 Sites for Creating Infographics for High School Students

Top 10 Sites for Creating Blog Posts for High School Students

Top 10 Sites for Creating Blog Posts for High School Students

My high school Database Design and Management students completed a unit on Big Data and they created their own Infographics. Here are the top websites we used for creating them during our Data Visualization lessons:

  1. Infogram
  2. Piktochart
  3. Easelly
  4. Canva
  5. Venngage
  6. PicMonkey
  7. BeFunky
  8. Visme (the image attached to this blog post was created using this site!)
  9. Snappa



How to use a digital worksheet (PDF): Annotating your PDF

How to use a digital worksheet (PDF): Annotating your PDF

Annotating a PDF

How to use a digital worksheet: Annotating a PDF

I wanted to find a way to draw and write on a PDF file just like you would if you had a pen or pencil, in order to use those files digitally with students. I also wanted to find FREE apps for use in the classroom. Here are my findings:

Use a program such as Type on PDF:
Students will open the PDF using this application and can add annotations (text, drawing), save the document with their name, and then send the document back to the instructor.
Android Tablet

Mantano Reader (Lite):
iAnnotate PDF:
Google Drive: I am not sure if this app will allow annotations on PDF’s, but will be looking into in the next few weeks.

On your computer:

Using Adobe Acrobat Pro:

Good forum posts:


Feel like paying for some apps? Here are a couple that received high marks:
Repligo Reader$$:
ezPDFReader PDF Annotate Form$$–

Triple Venn Diagram Template

Triple Venn Diagram Template

Triple Venn Diagram Template

Triple Venn Diagram Template | Save yourself time by using this pre-made Triple Venn Diagram Template. This template is tri-colored to help your students easily see the similarities and differences in comparing and contrasting at least three different things. The Word document and PDF files included in this product can be used electronically or as a printable document. A Triple Venn Diagram Template image (*.jpg) is also included for inserting into a document or software application of your choice. Only $1.99!

Included in this file:
*Word document template
*PDF file template
*JPEG image file for use in other programs such as SMARTNotebook or Inspiration

Triple Venn Diagram Template by ezk12lessons is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

Visit to download this lesson!

Money Toss Game

Money Toss Game

Money Toss Game | Great independent game for students to play while learning about money, counting, and tallying.

Newly added TPT product! Money Toss Game. Great independent game for students to play while learning about money, counting, and tallying. Use this printable document in your math center. Laminate prior to use. Provide students with coins to toss and tally whether the coin landed heads up or tails up. Extension: Students can add up the money amount based on the number of tallies (if they are tossing one type of coin). Only $0.99! For grades PreK-1.

American Revolution Timeline | Inspiration Template and Sample–FREEBIE!

One of my very first free lessons posted on TeachersPayTeachers, “American Revolution Timeline | Inspiration Template and Sample” has now been downloaded a total of 4,436 times at the time of this publication. Wow! Thank you to everyone who has downloaded this awesome freebie. I hope it has helped each and everyone of you. Please take the time to review and leave comments about the product so that I know it is working for you.


American Revolution Timeline FREEBIE!

American Revolution Timeline FREEBIE!

More information about this product: American Revolution Timeline | Inspiration Template and Sample. Students will use a web resource to put important events during the American Revolution in the correct order on the timeline. Template and Sample included. You will need the Inspiration software to open this file. (*.ins file)

Virginia Studies SOL VS.5-The student will demonstrate knowledge of the role of Virginia in the American Revolution.

Native American Tribes of Virginia | Powerpoint

**Newest TpT Product!** Native American Tribes of Virginia | Powerpoint

Native American Tribes of Virginia Sample Collage

Native American Tribes of Virginia

Virginia Standard of Learning, VS.2g–This Powerpoint includes information on all eleven recognized Native American tribes in the state of Virginia. Teacher notes included on each slide for presentation ease (tribe name, language spoken, and the year the tribe was recognized by the state of Virginia is also written on each slide). Also included: a map which can be labeled with each Native American tribe during the presentation, and an interactive self-check quiz based on the content in the presentation. 

Virginia Standard of Learning, VS.2g–The student will demonstrate knowledge of the physical geography and native peoples, past and present, of Virginia by identifying and locating the current state-recognized tribes. 

Native American Tribes of Virginia | Powerpoint by ezk12lessons is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

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Native Americans | Smartboard Activity
American Civilizations Triple Venn Diagram | Inspiration Template and Sample

Teachers Pay Teachers First Conference 2014

I attended the first ever Teachers Pay Teachers conference in Las Vegas this past Friday and wanted to share a quick reflection about my experience.

Teachers Pay Teachers Conference 2014

Teachers Pay Teachers Conference 2014

The day began with Keynote Speakers, each speaking about their role within Teachers Pay Teachers and giving encouraging words to all of us “Teacher-Sellers” to continue to grow our individual businesses. I left the keynote feeling confident that I have chosen a great organization to work with in order to sell my products. TpT will only continue to grow, as will my online store. I continued my day by attending the following sessions:

A to Z with TpT: Master the Basics–Speakers Christy Button and Tammy Farhit

The Data Advantage: Optimize your Store for Search and Success–Speakers Ryan Van Meter and Kelley Dolling

Beginning Blogging: It’s Serious Business!–Speaker Hadar Maor

Advanced Pinterest: Take Your Pinning to the Next Level–Speaker Melissa Dillard

Overall, what were the top three things I got out of attending TpT? (These three things will also translate to my yearly goals for the 2014-2015 school year, by the way.)

1. Start a blog. For most of the successful sellers, having a blog has helped drive traffic to their TpT stores. I am setting small goals for myself where this is concerned. My main goal is to try and post at least one blog post a month. It might not seem like much, but for me it will be enough. Why? I want my posts to be high-quality and helpful to those who choose to take the time to read what I choose to post. Remember: It’s about quality, not quantity. (For those who attended the Keynote address and heard Deanna Jump speak, this last statement is a little inside joke. All in good fun!)
2. Focus on and fine-tune what is working for me. How will I start? By organizing my Pinterest boards. In the Advanced Pinterest session, I learned that you can organize and reorganize your Pinterest boards simply by dragging them around your profile home screen. This seems totally obvious to me, but in order to utilize my Pinterest site for the betterment of my business, I need to work on the presentation of my boards when a user comes to my Pinterest site. I feel Pinterest has helped spread word about my business tremendously and I want to focus on what is working, especially where social media is concerned.
3. Notes to Followers. On Teachers Pay Teachers, you can write a note to all of your followers. At the publication of this blog post, I currently have 11 followers. Love it! I am so lucky and proud to have those 11 TpT users following me ! I want to keep them following me! My goal for my “notes to followers”–just a once a month check-in and thank you.

Was attending the conference worth it?

You bet! The networking with other TpT sellers was worth it. I learned so much from fellow sellers and will be following each of their stores on TpT. I am looking forward to attending again next year.