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20+ Javascript Resources for High School Students

20+ Javascript Resources

20+ Javascript Resources

What’s the Output – Javascript Lesson Activity (Only $4.00!!!) available at my TeachersPayTeachers store. Excellent addition to your Javascript unit!

20+ Javascript resources to use with high school students. Here are just a few of the Javascript resources I have used with my Programming students:

  1. Great tutorial and higher level exercises:
  2. Book, “Eloquent JavaScript”:
  3. JavaScript Guide (Mozilla Developer Network):
  4. W3Schools Javascript Tutorial:
  5. JavaScript Examples:
  6. JavaScript 101 (slides w/resources, some broken links):
  7. Javascript for Beginners:
  8. Introduction to JavaScript:
  9. Crunchzilla: Code Maven–
  10. Crunchzilla: Game Maven–
  11. SOLO Learn Javascript Tutorial (and App!)–
  12. App Lab–
  13. Khanacademy JS: Intro to Drawing and Animation–
  14. Khanacademy JS: Games and Simuations–
  15. Khanacademy JS: Advanced Simuations–
  16. Udacity: Free online courses–
  17. HTML Goodies: Javascript Primers–
  18. O’Reilly Suggestions for JS Resources:
  19. CodeCombat–
  20. CodeMonkey–
  21. Coding Ground–
  22. JSFiddle–

Resources that cost money $$:

  1. JavaScript Road Trip $$ (parts of this used to be free, looks like you can get a 10-day trial)–
  2. Codecademy (not sure of cost now??)–
  3. Javascript for Kids (book $$)–
  4. Kids Coding Udemy course $$–

Mobile Apps:

  1. Grasshopper–

What resources do you use with your students? Comment below!

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Top 10 Sites for Creating Infographics for High School Students

Top 10 Sites for Creating Blog Posts for High School Students

Top 10 Sites for Creating Blog Posts for High School Students

My high school Database Design and Management students completed a unit on Big Data and they created their own Infographics. Here are the top websites we used for creating them during our Data Visualization lessons:

  1. Infogram
  2. Piktochart
  3. Easelly
  4. Canva
  5. Venngage
  6. PicMonkey
  7. BeFunky
  8. Visme (the image attached to this blog post was created using this site!)
  9. Snappa



How to use a digital worksheet (PDF): Annotating your PDF

How to use a digital worksheet (PDF): Annotating your PDF

Annotating a PDF

How to use a digital worksheet: Annotating a PDF

I wanted to find a way to draw and write on a PDF file just like you would if you had a pen or pencil, in order to use those files digitally with students. I also wanted to find FREE apps for use in the classroom. Here are my findings:

Use a program such as Type on PDF:
Students will open the PDF using this application and can add annotations (text, drawing), save the document with their name, and then send the document back to the instructor.
Android Tablet

Mantano Reader (Lite):
iAnnotate PDF:
Google Drive: I am not sure if this app will allow annotations on PDF’s, but will be looking into in the next few weeks.

On your computer:

Using Adobe Acrobat Pro:

Good forum posts:


Feel like paying for some apps? Here are a couple that received high marks:
Repligo Reader$$:
ezPDFReader PDF Annotate Form$$–

20 Place Value Online Resources

ezk12lessons has two new counting and place value lessons:

Place Value Practice | Smartboard Template

Counting Lesson | Smartboard Template

In addition to these Smartboard lessons, use these online resources to enhance and expand your lessons:

1. Place Value Movie

2. Shark Pool Place Value

3. Place Value Puzzler

4. Digital Counter

5. Match the numbers

6. Comparing Numbers

7. Pick a Number and then Find its Place Value

8. Base Ten Blocks

9. Base Ten Virtual Manipulatives

10. Get Past the Goalie!

11. Lifeguard—How many people can you save?

12. FREE Place Value Worksheets

13. Splat Square (1-100)

14. Splat Square (0-99)

15. Give the Dog a Bone

16. Can you Find the Shell that is 10 More??

17. Submarine Math (for 2 players)

18. Place the Penguins

19. Math Cats ~ Place Value Party

20. Which Number is greater?