Mood Board 4/21/2016

Today’s mood board. Thinking about getting matching dresses for my daughter and me for family photos. Too bad this dress is too expensive. Hoping it will go on sale and that, once it does, they have the sizes we need. The sun is a representation of what is on my mind today as our weather warms up. We have actually had a “spring” season here in Virginia this year with very moderate to even chilly temperatures. I have fallen in love with dahlias this year and have planted a couple of yellow dahlia plants in pots that are sitting outside my front door.

Mood Board

Mood Board for 4/21/2016

Mood Board 4/20/2016

Playing around with Photoshop and Illustrator to create a mood board to represent what is on my mind lately. Going to keep creating as much as possible as I am finding this to be very therapeutic!

Mood board

Check out my first mood board!

How to use a digital worksheet (PDF): Annotating your PDF

How to use a digital worksheet (PDF): Annotating your PDF

Annotating a PDF

How to use a digital worksheet: Annotating a PDF

I wanted to find a way to draw and write on a PDF file just like you would if you had a pen or pencil, in order to use those files digitally with students. I also wanted to find FREE apps for use in the classroom. Here are my findings:

Use a program such as Type on PDF:
Students will open the PDF using this application and can add annotations (text, drawing), save the document with their name, and then send the document back to the instructor.
Android Tablet

Mantano Reader (Lite):
iAnnotate PDF:
Google Drive: I am not sure if this app will allow annotations on PDF’s, but will be looking into in the next few weeks.

On your computer:

Using Adobe Acrobat Pro:

Good forum posts:


Feel like paying for some apps? Here are a couple that received high marks:
Repligo Reader$$:
ezPDFReader PDF Annotate Form$$–

Creating a Wave Pattern using Adobe Illustrator

I needed to create some kind of water artwork for my newest project, The Water Cycle Powerpoint which will include a quiz and interactive water cycle activity. I used the following tutorial to help me create my own unique image [shown below]:

Sample of the waves image pattern created using Adobe Illustrator:

Creating waves pattern in Illustrator

Creating waves pattern in Illustrator

My greatest challenge in using Illustrator is getting the hang of the pen tool. If anyone knows of a simple, easy tutorial online, please share! Honestly, I just need to take the time to play around with it and use it. Today’s crash course did just that for me. Here is a sample slide from the Water Cycle Quiz which includes the wave pattern at the bottom of each slide. I wanted to keep the design of the slide simple so it does not distract from the content the students need to complete.

Water Cycle Quiz

Water Cycle Quiz



Swimming Workout | 8/15/2014

I have missed swimming since last Thursday, so I finally made it back to the pool today. I used the workout from 7/31/2014, but modified it a bit. [see below] My goal is to add an extra 100 or 200 meters per workout with the hopes of swimming about 2,000 meters in the 40-45 minute time frame I have allotted for my workout each morning. I love this workout because it uses all of the strokes and works a variety of muscles (that, for me, haven’t been used in a while!). Enjoy your workout!

Distance = 1800

Time = about 40 min.

WU: 400 free-easy

300 kick (w/fins)-choice

Main Set: 4 x 100 IM (:30 rest between each)

4 x 50 breast (:20 rest between each)

4 x 50 back (:20 rest)

2 x 50 fly (:20 rest)

WD: 200 kick (w/fins, easy)