Mood Board 4/26/2016

Inspiration for my fairy garden. Looking forward to creating and putting it together. I have created a wish list of gifts for Mother’s Day which include items for my garden, particularly the side yard flower bed. I planted another azalea bush with bright pink flowers. So beautiful. As I add more and more of those azaleas, the closer that flower bed comes to reminding me of East Carolina’s campus this time of year. I need to replace my bistro set chairs and plan to replace them with some cheap-o adirondack chairs made of plastic. I say “cheap-o” because Target has some really nice polywood chairs that would last a bit longer (maybe), but they cost $300 a piece. Yikes! I’ll stick with the cheap-o chairs and replace them next year, if needed. I still won’t spend anywhere close to $300 if I replace them again next spring.

Mood Board-4-26-2016

Mood Board-4-26-2016

Mood Board 4/22/2016

Today’s mood board centering around Earth Day. I used to love Earth Day as a classroom teacher, always planning some kind of recycling/reusing activity for my students.

Mood Board-4-22-2016

Mood Board-4-22-2016

Mood Board 4/21/2016

Today’s mood board. Thinking about getting matching dresses for my daughter and me for family photos. Too bad this dress is too expensive. Hoping it will go on sale and that, once it does, they have the sizes we need. The sun is a representation of what is on my mind today as our weather warms up. We have actually had a “spring” season here in Virginia this year with very moderate to even chilly temperatures. I have fallen in love with dahlias this year and have planted a couple of yellow dahlia plants in pots that are sitting outside my front door.

Mood Board

Mood Board for 4/21/2016

Mood Board 4/20/2016

Playing around with Photoshop and Illustrator to create a mood board to represent what is on my mind lately. Going to keep creating as much as possible as I am finding this to be very therapeutic!

Mood board

Check out my first mood board!