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Daily Project: November 7, 2013

I have been researching different ways to sell my products and have discovered the word of third party vendors (in addition to TeachersPayTeachers, that is). I am looking into attempting to sell some of my “hard goods” through both Amazon and eBay. I just listed my first product on Amazon! I am excited and nervous at the same time because I am learning so much each day with my business. I am finding it necessary to measure each of my products for shipment, as well as weigh them. Should I invest in a parcel scale? Right now, I am only listing two items, but I have to enter this information for each item. I have been meticulous about providing a SKU number for each item because I have been doing that on my site for each of my products. Since working retail, I know that item numbers and SKU numbers are very important for keeping track of inventory. I have also invested in a plastic file box just for my shipped inventory. I will keep extra copies of inventory on hand so that when my products begin selling, I can immediately ship them out and not have to print, cut, etc. which could delay the product getting out to customers. Here is the direct link to my first product:

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