Mood Board 4/27/2016

Today’s mood board was inspired by how tired I was after very little sleep last night and then, somehow, making it to my 5:30 am spin class. Phew. I am so glad I went to spin. I am always glad I make it to spin. I wish, wish, wish my local YMCA had a morning boot camp class, but, I believe they only have yoga on Wednesday mornings. I am looking very forward to my beach trip with some girlfriends in just a few weeks and wanted to keep my mind focused on digging my toes in the sand. I used some Photoshop brushes that were “watercolors” and I love the way they look on the page. I am not entirely happy with how this mood board turned out graphically, but I wanted to tell a story and try different things. Anyway, here is today’s mood board:

Mood Board-4-27-2016
Mood Board-4-27-2016

Discovered a good YouTube channel for Photoshop tutorials [Photoshop Tutorials], as well as a few sites for downloading FREE Photoshop brushes:

Where to to download Photoshop brushes:…

Other sites for FREE Photoshop brush downloads (just did a quick Google search for “free Photoshop brushes”):

And, because I now want to create my own Photoshop brushes, here is a tutorial on making your own brushes:

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