Swimming Workout | 8/15/2014

I have missed swimming since last Thursday, so I finally made it back to the pool today. I used the workout from 7/31/2014, but modified it a bit. [see below] My goal is to add an extra 100 or 200 meters per workout with the hopes of swimming about 2,000 meters in the 40-45 minute time frame I have allotted for my workout each morning. I love this workout because it uses all of the strokes and works a variety of muscles (that, for me, haven’t been used in a while!). Enjoy your workout!

Distance = 1800

Time = about 40 min.

WU: 400 free-easy

300 kick (w/fins)-choice

Main Set: 4 x 100 IM (:30 rest between each)

4 x 50 breast (:20 rest between each)

4 x 50 back (:20 rest)

2 x 50 fly (:20 rest)

WD: 200 kick (w/fins, easy)



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