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Do you have a favorite Twitter timeline widget for your WordPress site?

November 14, 2013: I have been working on embedding a Twitter timeline in my website today. I have done enough to screw up the metadata code on my site, so I had some meta tag information hanging out at the top of my website for a couple of hours this morning until I figured out where I screwed that up. (I had to go to Settings > Metadata, by the way.) I am very specific about what kind of Twitter timeline I want to put into my site. I want a timeline that updates in real-time, so as I post new Tweets, visitors to my site will see the new Tweets scroll and show up. I tried one that did not update as quickly as I had wanted, so that one has since been deleted. I will keep looking, but need your advice…

Do you have a favorite Twitter feed widget for your WordPress site?

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